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Supported File Formats

The lists below shows all file formats that Ben's Toolset supports.

To get more detailed info about file extension - click on the link in the table.

eBook file formats

azw3Kindle Format 8azw3 converter
epubElectronic Publicationepub converter
fb2FictionBookfb2 converter
htmlzHTMLZ eBook formathtmlz converter
litLIT eBook file formatlit converter
lrfLRF eBook file formatlrf converter
mobiMobipocketmobi converter
pmlzPMLZ eBook formatpmlz converter
rbRB eBook formatrb converter
snbSNB eBook file formatsnb converter
tcrTCR eBook file formattcr converter
txtzTXTZ eBook formattxtz converter

Audio file formats

aacAdvanced Audio Codingaac converter
ac3AC3 Audio formatac3 converter
aiffAudio Interchange File Formataiff converter
auAU Audio file formatau converter
cafCAF Audio file formatcaf converter
flacFree Lossless Audio Codecflac converter
ircamIRCAM Audio formatircam converter
m4aAudio-only MPEG-4m4a converter
mp3MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer IIImp3 converter
oggOgg Vorbisogg converter
opusOpus Audio Formatopus converter
ttaTTA Audio formattta converter
vocVOC Audio formatvoc converter
voxVOX Audio formatvox converter
w64W64 Audio formatw64 converter
wavWaveform Audio File Formatwav converter
wmaWindows Media Audiowma converter
wvWV Audio formatwv converter

Image file formats

bmpMicrosoft Windows bitmapbmp converter
curMicrosoft Cursor Iconcur converter
exrEXR Raster image file formatexr converter
faxFAX Image formatfax converter
ftsFTS Image formatfts converter
g3G3 Image formatg3 converter
hdrHDR Raster image file formathdr converter
hrzHRZ Image formathrz converter
icoMicrosoft iconico converter
iplIPL Image formatipl converter
jp2JP2 Raster image file formatjp2 converter
jpegJoint Photographic Experts Group JFIF formatjpeg converter
jpgJoint Photographic Experts Group JFIF formatjpg converter
mapMAP Misc file formatmap converter
mngMNG Image formatmng converter
mtvMTV Image formatmtv converter
otbOTB Image formatotb converter
palPAL Image formatpal converter
palmPALM Image formatpalm converter
pamPAM Image formatpam converter
pbmPBM Image formatpbm converter
pcdPCD Raster image file formatpcd converter
pctPCT Raster image file formatpct converter
pcxPCX Raster image file formatpcx converter
pdbPDB Database file formatpdb converter
pfmPFM Image formatpfm converter
pgmPGM Raster image file formatpgm converter
piconPICON Image formatpicon converter
pictPICT Raster image file formatpict converter
pngPortable Network Graphicspng converter
pnmPNM Image formatpnm converter
ppmPPM Image formatppm converter
psdAdobe Photoshop bitmap filepsd converter
rasRAS Image formatras converter
rgbRGB Image formatrgb converter
rgbaRGBA Image formatrgba converter
rgboRGBO Image formatrgbo converter
sgiSGI Image formatsgi converter
sunSUN Image formatsun converter
svgScalable Vector Graphicssvg converter
tgaTruevision Targa imagetga converter
tiffTagged Image File Formattiff converter
uyvyUYVY Image formatuyvy converter
viffVIFF Image formatviff converter
wbmpWBMP Raster image file formatwbmp converter
webpWeppy image formatwebp converter
xbmXBM Image formatxbm converter
xpmXPM Image formatxpm converter
xvXV Image formatxv converter
yuvYUV Raster image file formatyuv converter

Document file formats

docMicrosoft Word Binary File Formatdoc converter
docmDOCM Document file formatdocm converter
docxOffice Open XML Documentdocx converter
dotDOT Document file formatdot converter
htmlHypertext Markup Languagehtml converter
odtOpenDocument Textodt converter
pdfPortable Document Formatpdf converter
rtfRich Text Formatrtf converter
txtRaw text filetxt converter
wpsWPS Officewps converter

Video file formats

asfAdvanced Systems Formatasf converter
aviMicrosoft Audio/Visual Interleavedavi converter
f4vF4V Video file formatf4v converter
flvFlash Videoflv converter
gifCompuServe Graphics Interchange Formatgif converter
hevcHEVC Video formathevc converter
m2tsM2TS Video file formatm2ts converter
m2vM2V Video formatm2v converter
m4vM4V Video file formatm4v converter
mkvMatroskamkv converter
movQuickTime File Formatmov converter
mp4MPEG-4 Part 14mp4 converter
mpegMotion Picture Experts Group file interchange format (version 1)mpeg converter
mpgMPG Video file formatmpg converter
mtsMTS Video file formatmts converter
ogvOGV Video file formatogv converter
rmRealMediarm converter
swfSWF Video file formatswf converter
tsTS Video file formatts converter
vobVideo Objectvob converter
webmHTML5 videowebm converter
wmvWindows Media Videowmv converter
wtvWTV Video formatwtv converter
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