Frequently asked questions

  1. Is a conversion of a file with your service really free?

    Yes, our service is completely free.

  2. Is it safe to convert files?

    Yes, it's safe to convert files. All your files are treated as strictly confidential.

    We have enabled HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) on all our servers. All file transmissions are through HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between your web browser and the site.

    Your file's link will be given unique identifier so only you can find it. Your files are only temporarily stored on our servers for 1 day, after that they will be automatically deleted by a scheduled program.

  3. Do you obtain the legal right of my file when I use your service?

    Absolutely not. We do not intend to have the legal right on your files. In addition, all user files are deleted after a short period of time. In other words, you still own your work you have uploaded and converted. We don't own or have exclusive rights to your content.

  4. What different file formats do you support?

    We have split our file formats into five distinct categories - Ebook, Audio, Image, Document, Video, you can see the exact conversion types on offer here.

  5. Can I convert the same file twice ?

    You can convert the same file as many times as you want.

  6. Why is my online file conversion failed?

    Here are the top 5 reasons that may cause online file conversion failure:

    - the source format is not supported.

    - the source file may be corrupt, DRM protected or have wrong file extension name.

    - the server may be down or busy at the moment. It doesn't have enough CPU or memory resource to complete conversion.

    - document files can't be converted asynchronously. It may return error if the conversion queue is too long.

    - the source file may be too big or too complicated to be converted in time. We restrict conversions in time. The conversion will be terminated when time is up.

  7. I'm having problems opening my converted file after downloading - Can you help?

    If you find after your conversion that the file will not open, please ensure you have the correct software in order to open your file. If you have the correct software, and the file still does not open then please report the issue to our support team support@benstoolset.com, attaching the affected file.

  8. How long should it take to upload or download my file?

    This is completely dependent on the type of internet connection you have - Dial-up users may find the process slow. If you are experiencing slow upload speeds remember that many broadband and ADSL providers allow for fast download speeds but limit users on upload speeds. Check with your provider for more detailed information.

  9. Does this service work on the Mac OS or Linux platforms?

    Yes - Because this service is provided through a web browser interface it is supported on those browsers which run on Mac and Linux.